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Where will creativity take you?

Here at Create98, we work with the very best artists and makers – true masters of their crafts – to bring you a range of carefully-selected workshops. The talent and experience of our tutors ensures you receive expert guidance in your chosen art or craft – whether it’s a one-off class, or the beginning of your artistic journey. Browse our selection of workshops and classes for inspiration!


Ali Penn

I have worked for many years in art and design  in London and around the world.  My passion has always been with food.  I love to create a complete experience for people.  Making delicious dishes, to be enjoyed with friends and family.  My work includes catering for large summer weddings to small intimate supper clubs

Alison Garner

Through imagination, play & intervention my work breaks boundaries - making the everyday extraordinary. I have over 10 years’ experience of delivering dynamic and enriching theatre & arts workshops. My background is in creating inclusive, accessible theatre and visual art outside of the confines of traditional institutions. I graduated in 2007 with a First Class degree in Theatre Design and since then worked across contemporary performance in roles such as producer, director, designer, puppeteer and youth arts facilitator.

Angelique Samadi

I’ve always loved looking at pictures of dot mandalas and find them so colourful and beautiful, so I decided to teach myself, which took some time.  I could not believe how absorbing and mindful dot painting was and how much time I lost, I also realised how relaxed and de-stressed I felt afterwards and how my energy had increased.  I sat there thinking how much this would help other people and how much we all need this in our lives now, with society and our lives being so busy and stressful, and voila my business was born. My workshops teaches you to create your own Mandala masterpiece. These classes can encourage stress reduction, allowing you to take a break from your hectic routine and to clear your mind. It is a form of exercise for your brain which stimulates your creativity, whilst working in a relaxed environment. You get to create something aesthetically pleasing while you immerse yourself in the therapeutic effects of dot painting. Mandala, which stands for circle, is an abstract design that is often circular in frame. Mandalas can contain both geometric and organic forms. They go back to the first century BC and are found in all parts of the world in many cultures and religions.
Angelique Samadi

Barry Dring

My interest in crochet started with the sole purpose of making a wooly hat for my new born girl.  This quickly progressed into making booties, blankets, clothing and soft toys.  6 years on and many bespoke crochet soft toy commissions later I want to pass this versatile and creative tool onto more people.

Bex Harper

I am a private tutor, life coach and lecturer. I completed a PGCE (Canterbury Christchurch University) and a PhD (The University of Nottingham) in European cinema and taught at The University of Nottingham and Maynooth University, Ireland in the areas of German film and representations of feminism and otherness in film. My published work covers the subjects of British heritage dramas and representations of domestic space in film, literature and photography. In my classes, you will learn a lot about film, elements of film-making and how culture is represented on-screen.

Bronwyn Oldham

I have a BA (Hons) Degree in Media & Photography, I am a Licentiate (LRPS) of Royal Photographic Society and I completed a course in Children’s Counselling & Art Therapy. I achieved my degree at a time when the medium of photography had yet to undergo the complete digital revolution of recent years. Whilst my clear aesthetic and artistic rationale remained, I realised I needed to re-train, discovering the new techniques and endless possibilities of digital photography, to further liberate my practice. Now, my influences are mainly female photographers, from the beautiful cyanotypes of 19th Century nature photographer Anna Atkins, through to the abstract black and white flowers of Tina Modotti and Imogen Cunningham. In addition to this, I am a qualified Discover & Explore Arts Award Assessor and was the Chairman for Leigh Art Trail from 2012-2017.

Caroline Burkett

I am a fully qualified art psychotherapist and I have 15years experience in providing a wide range of art workshops. I specialise in working with clients who are not happy with their lives right now. My aim is to work with you to revitalise you and help you to find new ways of being. I do this by using my specialist art therapy skills and techniques to help you rediscover that loving relationship with yourself, and to help you move away from the past that is controlling you now in the present.

Christine Absalom

Christine was classically trained at LAMDA, way back in the dark ages of the late 1960s. But her career began before that, playing a Chorus Girl in the musical ‘Funny Girl’,at the Palace Theatre, Westcliff. Christine’s first love is live theatre, and she has been lucky enough to enjoy a long career in Regional Theatre, including seasons at The National Theatre, and Chichester Festival Theatre. She had a long association with The Mercury Theatre, in Colchester where she played a variety of leading ladies from Winnie in Becket’s HAPPY DAYS, to Lady Bracknell in THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST, from Madame Arcarti in BLITHE SPIRIT to The Mother in BLOOD WEDDING ( for which she received a Barclays/TMA Award nomination) she also played Brutus in an all female production of JULIUS CAESAR. Christine appeared in a number of now legendary Sunday Afternoon Classic Serials on BBC television, including GREAT EXPECTATIONS, and JANE EYRE. She is a regular contributor to BBC Radio Drama, having been a member of the Radio Drama Company, and played Miss Phyllis Marshall in the Radio 4 series HOMEFRONT. Most recently she has been working with local writer Nicola Werenowska, on her new play MASKED. Along with her sister Jules Easlea, Christine is a co founder of JUBILANT PRODUCTIONS, whose inaugural show, MERRY IT WAS TO LAUGH THERE - a reflection on the poetry and words from soldiers of WW1, toured Essex in 2014, and supported the Poppy installation at Shoebury Garrison.

christine Absalom and Jules Easlea

christine Absalom and Jules Easlea

Christine Absalom and Jules Easlea Music , Film & Writing

Christine Absalom and Sarah Mayhew

Christine Absalom and Sarah Mayhew Music , Film & Writing

Christine Wyatt

My professional background is in Management Consulting, working mainly at PriceWaterhouseCoopers and IBM.  Throughout my career I have travelled extensively across Europe, North America, Asia and Latin America which has given me a unique global perspective on different cultures and how people live and work. From the very beginning of my career I sought to find balance between work and life by spending time outside walking and running and by learning the art of floristry.  For some years I had a part time job at  a Top London Florist where we did amazing work across London’s luxury hotels.  Now, I bring that experience to my own practice, creating stunning arrangements for weddings and events, tailored to the client's theme, venue and time of year.  I am inspired by nature and all the flowers and plants around us and love each season as it arrives and gives me new inspiration!

Clarissa Debenham

Clarissa Debenham is a professional photographer based in Westcliff. She studied photography at college and has been teaching digital photography and photo editing to adults for over 15 years. Her teaching experience has given her a broad knowledge of all types of digital cameras and photographic techniques. In her own work Clarissa specialises in photographing people and says “Being able to keep peoples memories alive by capturing unrepeatable snippets in time is a privilege I am thankful for every day.”
Clarissa Debenham Food Photography

Daryl Easlea

When I worked full-time at Record Collector magazine, my broad tastes and knowledge led to me being deemed a ‘generalist.’ DJ, compere, and consultant to record companies, my books explore my great loves; great pop eccentrics, populist African-American music and prog rock. My published work includes “Everybody Dance: Chic & The Politics Of Disco” was (2004), an extended essay to accompany the Supremes exhibition at the V&A, “Talent Is an Asset: the Story of Sparks” and “Without Frontiers: The Life And Music Of Peter Gabriel”. My work can be found in Record Collector, Prog, Mojo, and in other places, too. I currently broadcast on Ship Full of Bombs and I’m part of Middle Age Spread, the DJ collective who play 'Grown Up Disco For Those Unafraid To Dance'.

Debbie Hadley

My background is as a freelance artist and educator, over the years I have taught in many different settings . Working with diverse groups and organisations from Southend Council, Schools, Pinpoint Create and Community Mosaic East. I was a founding member of Studio 11 Gallery in Westcliff and have regularly exhibited in the area. I currently teach Art and Design at Basildon Pupil Referral Unit, working with students that are not accessing mainstream education. I have always loved ceramics and through this have found my way to mosaic. I use a variety of techniques and media. I often find one media will inform another. I am a professional member of the British Association of Modern Mosaics. Arts Award Bronze, Silver and Gold Assessor. B. A. Hons Creative Arts, Brighton. PGCE. Art and Design , Middlesex

Debbie Kimber

From a young age I have always made cards and over the years have tried many crafts including lacemaking,patchwork,and porcelain painting. I returned to cardmaking about 10 years ago as I found I could relatively quickly create a variety of designs using different techniques and colours. About 3 years ago I started teaching and love the fact that you don’t have to be good at drawing to make a beautiful card, as I use paints, inks, sprays, embossing powders, dies, stencils and stamps amongst other things ! My workshops are suitable for beginners to the experienced crafter as all the cards are made step by step and anyone can have a go.

Dee Curtis

Dee Curtis comes from a creative background, trained in Design and Pattern Cutting at the London College of Fashion where she went on to work as a Designer and Pattern Cutter for over 15 years for renowned brands such as Oasis and Coast. In 2012 Dee turned her creative focus in gaining qualifications in Traditional Upholstery and restoring vintage furniture. An Arts Award Advisor and qualified Lecturer with experienced of teaching accredited, non-accredited courses, Dee has been inspiring learners for over 10 years and now lecturing at Essex Adult Community Learning in Traditional Upholstery as well as delivering classes in the local community of Southend. Dee says, “I have been working in the creative industry most of my life and now love passing on my skills whilst encouraging learners to develop and find their own creative style”.

Dionne Boatman

Dionne Boatman Kids

Enzo Harrison

I'm a guitar teacher, author and guitarist in the Leigh-based Jazz duo 'Something in the Lounge'. I've been playing guitar since I was 8 years old and teaching others to play the instrument since I was about 14. I'd say my lessons are 'democratic' as I allow students of all ages to decide what they want to learn or will suggest something similar if the first choice proves too difficult. Over time I've developed a Spotify sixth-sense where I can recommend songs o students that I know they'll like. When teaching younger students I've found that a lesson plan never goes down particularly well as 9 year olds demand a certain degree of manufactured spontaneity to remain interested. When I teach adults however, both parties have the luxury of a plan.

Farida Kamruddin and Natasha Manley

Farida Kamruddin - Sketchy Sisters. I have always loved art and being creative, with a fashion degree from London College of Fashion and a huge passion for sketching I made the leap from working in the City in Project Management to follow my passion and become an Artist. Daily sketching and learning new skills in many art and design workshops through a period of illness ignited this passion as i felt the health benefits immediately and i felt inspired and energised. The things that are most important to my work are community, sisterhood, equality, feminine power and wellness. I believe art can be accessible to all and that it should be social, fun and a form of self expression, and it can be hugely healing. I love working with different mediums and use marker pens, acrylic paint, ink and gauche as well as print making,clay and needle felting. Showing my art for the first time in public this year at the Rochford Art Festival, I also earlier this year founded Sketchy Sister Southend which is a drawing group for women focusing on drawing exercises and projects based around wellness and sisterhood. I hope to see you soon at a Sketchy Sister Meet up or one of the wellbeing art workshops which I co-host with Tash Manley. Natasha Manley - Calligraphy by Tash. I’ve always been artistic, studying art at school and later at the London College of Fashion. I have always loved pencil and line drawing as well as photography. After having my daughter I started getting back in touch with my artistic side, which is when I attended a calligraphy course, which I absolutely loved! It was both beautiful to look at but I also found it very relaxing, feeling much calmer after practising it. I later set up my calligraphy business, Calligraphy by Tash, and haven’t looked back! I hope to see you at mine and Farida’s drawing and lettering workshops soon, which we hope will leave you feeling happy that you have made something, learned something new and had a moment to relax!

Gaynor Edwards

After completing a degree in Textiles and Fashion, I found myself in the textile industry, designing and printing textiles using various methods from screen printed to digital dye sublimation. In my spare time I began to study City and Guilds Stained Glass, which allowed my 2D creativity to be explored in a very different medium. I love the fact that I have learnt an old craft, and one that can potentially be appreciated for a few hundred years! I continue to work with textiles, and enjoy designing, making and restoring stained glass commissions in my spare time.
Fabrics & Textiles Gaynor Edwards

Georgie Perkins

I founded Estuary Escapades, an events company which celebrates the local area through creative mediums and adventure, after working in the arts industry for 25 years. My background is firmly placed in the arts with an added personal love for the outdoors, adventures and anything creative. After training for 5 years in Dramatic Art, I went on to be Managing Director of Theatre in Education company Prospero Productions. This lead me on to becoming Artistic Director for The Place Arts Centre in Hertfordshire where I also enjoyed curating their large art gallery. For the last 12 years I have worked as a Senior Manager for HQ Theatres, managing the beautiful Palace Theatre in Westcliff on Sea. I am now combining my love of the arts, creativity, history and my passion for the local area in order to inspire people to engage and learn about our beautiful surroundings through various means.

Gina Griffin

Growing up in Ireland cooking has always been an inherit feature in my family. My mother came from a farming background and really instilled in me the importance of home baking and cooking by passing down traditions and recipes her mother gave to her, for which I am very grateful. After many years and taking a different career path, I decided to attend the 12 Week Certificate Course at Ballymaloe Cookery School in July 2015, which is one of the world’s most respected organic cookery schools. While at Ballymaloe, I was fully immersed into every process of preparing food from planting the seeds to picking the veg, milking the cows to making cheese…every single dish was thoughtfully prepared using local seasonal ingredients at every stage. It gave me a completely new perspective and respect for food, an experience I will treasure forever. Through my time at Ballymaloe and experience gained over the years, I have developed a very mindful simplistic approach to cooking. I focus very much on creating simple healthy wholesome meals using good quality and local ingredients, letting the ingredients speak for themselves….an ingredient led approach rather than chef led. In order to share my passion for mindful cooking I created my blog “Kitchen Table Baking”, it’s filled with easy to follow recipes for everyday cooking. The idea behind the name “Kitchen Table Baking” is to encourage people back to eating at the kitchen table together, making it the hub of the home and family life. A place where family and friends can sit and chat over a home cooked meal….nourishing not only our bodies but our heart and soul too.

Hannah Faraway

Hannah Faraway is a recent Fine Art graduate from Canterbury Christ Church University with a personal focus on printing and painting. However, her interest in education has led her to volunteer in many learning settings with varied ages and abilities. Therefore, teaching children’s art classes is a natural fit for her current stage as an emerging artist and potential future teacher.
Hannah Faraway Kids

Jake Bussell

Jake Robert Bussell is a professional illustrator and designer. Based in Essex, England. After starting his freelance career in 2016 he has since worked with an exciting range of small to large businesses, entrepreneurs, artists and magazines. He holds a degree in Illustration from UCA (Maidstone) and a post graduate degree in art teaching from CCU (Canterbury). Jake’s fascination with traditional master techniques helps to bring realism and clarity to his modern illustrations. Alongside his work, Jake runs life drawing and painting classes as a qualified teacher and uses his spare time to study, practice and travel. He is also a plein air (outdoor) painter and sketcher, influenced heavily by artist James Gurney, believing that making studies directly from observation fuels his imagination

Jane Cheshire

Jane is a textile artist and quilt designer. She has a passion for traditional hand stitched patchwork, quilting and sewing, which she has been sharing for the past 20 years with beginners and experts alike, through her successful classes and workshops. All her teaching is based around her own designs for quilting and embroidery. Hilary Jane is a member of The Quilters Guild and has a number of City and Guilds Patchwork and Quilting and City and Guilds Creative Studies qualifications. When not teaching, Hilary Jane spends her time designing and making beautiful quilts for commissions or her own pleasure.

Jane High

Visual artist, Jane High who is based at her studio at Hadleigh Old Fire Station, has been tutoring since 2010. Jane delivers workshops and demonstrations throughout Essex and has experience of community projects within education and for local charities. Although she produces work in a range of subject matter, Jane is passionate about animal portraiture and has had work accepted by the Mall Galleries in London. Jane mainly works in pastel, oil and acrylic, but also believes in the importance of drawing and observational skills.

Jane Seabrook

I have always had a huge interest in fashion and taught myself to sew as a teenager, designing and making patterns for the garments I imagined but could not find in the shops. I started my career in fashion creating unique dresses from worn jeans imported from the USA and learned to make individual outfits for the fashionistas of the seventies and eighties. I went into teaching when I had my children and became Head of Textiles at St Bernard’s high school, gaining an MA in Art and Textiles. I have taught all ages from 3 to 70 and love inspiring creativity in others. I love to up-cycle garments and use found materials to make something new and exciting. I now spend my time teaching textiles workshops and painting dramatic scenes of the local environment, which never ceases to inspire me.
Fabrics & Textiles Jane Seabrook

Jen Feroze

A former Young Poet of the Year, I have been writing since I was a teenager, and have been published in a variety of regional and national poetry anthologies. I've made a career out of playing with words, first as an editor of children's books, and now as a copywriter with my own business - Jackdaw Editorial. I live in Leigh with my husband Matt and my joyously mad toddler, Eleanor.

Jude Raphael

I have been a qualified hairdresser since 1997 and have specialised in plait-work for over 25 years. I create unique 'plait-while-U-wait' hairstyles at public events and private functions and have been teaching before parent and child workshops for 6 years. I have also provided plait -work styles for Little Havens Hospices.

kate bent

Fabrics & Textiles Kate Bent

kate bent

Fabrics & Textiles Kate Bent

Kate Bent

I have a First Class Honors degree in Textiles/Fashion from Winchester School of Art. I have designed a variety of best selling greetings cards, photo albums and plush toys for Tigerprint who sold solely to Marks and Spencer’s. I worked for Tigerprint for over 15 years, along with various other textile companies where I gained valuable experience within the card and textile industries. I am a surface designer where I use appliqué and free-hand machine embroidery to create unique textile art pieces. I have a passion for fabrics and sewing and now I am looking forward to teaching my skills and helping others to unlock their creative potential within this medium.
Christine Wyatt Fabrics & Textiles FREE TASTER

Katrina Kieffer-Wells

The Senior Course Leader at Bud to Bloom is Katrina Kieffer-Wells. Katrina formed garden design and build company Earth Designs in Spring 2003. Katrina has been a keen gardener since childhood and worked as a florist for many years. After graduating from university in 1998 with a degree in Creative Arts, Katrina went to work as a producer for a prestigious design and events company based in London’s West End. She left in 2002 and decided to couple her love and knowledge of gardening with her creative skills and experience of event management. Earth Designs was born. Since then Katrina and her husband Matt have grown Earth Designs into a successful company with over 250 designs and 100 builds under their belt. Unlike many other garden designers, she has a hands-on, dynamic style allowing the client to become very much a part of the design process. Her work has featured in numerous national newspapers and lifestyle publications over the years.
Gardening Katrina Kieffer-Wells

Kinetika Tutors

Ali Pretty / Jo Beal / Sofie Layton / Mike Johnston For more info, please see http://www.kinetikaonline.co.uk/who-we-are/

Lauren Stranks – LittleLeighStitchery


Leigh-on-Sea Supper Club - Susan Davies

I trained as a chef at Westminster College and have worked at Food by John Lawson. I am also a passionate gardener, I studied with the RHS at Writtle where my love for organic, seasonal food began. I love to create dishes with amazing produce; very often using vegetables from my own garden. My life is food from the garden to the plate! I set up the Leigh on Sea Supper Club earlier this year; with the aim to share my love of food with creative, seasonal dishes. Our evenings are a celebration of fantastic produce in an informal, friendly environment.

Lisa Meehan

I have a BA Hons Degree in Fine Art Printmaking and currently teach art at Southend Adult Community College and Metal Art School as well as being private portfolio tutor. I also work as Lead Artist across multiple projects for Kinetika, an international design and community art events company. I am inspired by the shapes and patterns of plants and nature and particularly love the fine line plant studies of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the simple line drawings by Ellsworth Kelly. My drawings from nature are both traditional and expressive and use a variety of different media.  The open skies and the seascape of the Thames Estuary feature in my monotype prints and watercolour sketches.

Liz Bleach

I graduated in 1995 with a degree in Film, Video and Photography from University of Westminster and began my working life in publishing. After having a family I worked for a national children’s charity producing their magazine, pursuing my various crafting hobbies as a guilty pleasure, or to furnish our home. I returned to full time study in 2006 and gained a degree in Architecture, before training as a teacher. I was a teacher of product design, textiles and woodwork at local secondary schools, and explored lots of new materials and creative processes. I learned many of my favourite crafting techniques during my childhood and teens – first from my Mum and then as I pursued it at art college. A 2-year full-time course in fashion and pattern cutting was the starting point for me developing skills in knitting, weaving, and stitch-based textiles of many kinds. An eclectic approach to skills and craft techniques has meant that I have a cross-curricular attitude to crafting. Arts and Crafts traditions of the 19th century coupled with a fascination for modernist designs of the mid-twentieth century underpin my combined use of traditional craft skills and stylish design lines. I am also a committed environmental champion favouring natural or re-used materials which are ethically sourced. Instagram: @leighgeneralstore

Lizzie Bridge

I studied Fashion and Textiles at Bath College of Higher Education, graduating in 1987 with with a B.Ed Hons degree, specialising in machine knitwear. For the past 31 years I have been the Head of Textiles at Shoeburyness High School, teaching 11-18 year olds all forms of creative textiles through both Technology and Art. My creative passion is developing patterns and textures, inspired by my own photographs of both architecture and nature, as well as the work of Antoni Gaudi, Angie Lewin and Gilda Baron.

Lizzie Ireland


Lola Swain

I am a qualified teacher (BED Hons) and have been working in education for over twenty-five years. During this time, I have taught both children and adults in schools, colleges and workshops at various levels and abilities including those with special needs. I am an exhibiting potter and book artist. The natural world is a major source of inspiration. Nevertheless, I find other things influencing my work such as the incorporation of architectural or cultural inspired detail informed by my travels. My pots are hand-built using traditional coil methods with a surface decoration of coloured and burnished slips. Much of my book artwork combines a variety of techniques including lino, collagraph, marbling, waxed etching, letterpress and paper cuts. I exhibit in various regional exhibitions and art fairs and belong to a number of artists’ groups

Lu Williams

Lu Williams is a multi disciplinary artist with a practice that takes many forms- event makers, self publishers, sculptor, writer, community organiser and workshop facilitator. Living and working in Essex, Lu’s work is strongly linked to social activism, feminism and working class culture. Since graduating with a BFA in Fine Art from The University of Oxford in 2016, Lu has developed Grrrl Zine Fair compromised of self publishing fairs, events celebrating women and LGBT+ culture, a pop up zine library and the zine Grrrl In Print, exploring contemporary DIY culture alongside hosting zine making workshops. These workshops see zine making as an adaptable way of making art and literature accessible; elevating craft labour and working with communities outside of the insular art world, with a focus on creating a culture that reflects the workshop participants, rather than those featured in glossy magazines. She has worked with and hosted workshops for Women Prize for Fiction, Natwest, V&A Museum, British Film Institute, Metal, Soho Radio, Jagermeister, National Trust, OVADA Gallery, Scottee, Chopping Block Gallery, Bow Arts and created the Grrrl Zine Fair stage at Village Green Festival in 2017 with the support of Arts Council England.

Mac and Mini

‘Mac’ & ‘Mini’ are two sisters, Amy & Carla, from Essex. Amy is a full time fibre artist specialising in Modern Crochet and Macrame and she teaches Macrame & Modern Crochet Workshops and private tuition across Essex & London. Carla had a successful career as a scenic artist working in many prestigious theatres and created installations for clients including John Lewis and The Conran Shop before starting her teaching career. She is currently the Head of Art at an Essex school as well as creating fibre art and teaching workshops with Mac & Mini. Mac & Mini exclusively use cruelty free, vegan yarns and materials and use eco friendly and recycled products as much as possible. Facebook: Mac & Mini Insta: Macandminiart Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/macandminiarts

Mark Bradford

I began working life as a graphic designer/illustrator in London as well as a professional artist. A change of career led me to study for a BA Fine Art degree followed by a PGCE and QTLS.  I am currently a part time teacher of Art at Chelmsford County High School for Girls teaching GCSE and A level. I hold regular exhibitions in London and Leigh on Sea, which demonstrate a variety of mediums and techniques.  However, my main body of work reflects my love of the sea. My influences and inspiration come mainly from art from 1900 to modern day abstract-expressionism, photorealism. Specifically, Jean Michael Basquiat,  Rachel Whiteread,  Anslem Kiefer, Robert Rauschenberg, Fiona Banner & Gerhard Richter.

Morissa Thorn

Throughout my life I have turned time and time again to yoga, for flexibility, of both the mind and body. It has helped me though times both good and bad. Four years ago I decided to take my practise further and I started to teach, at first just Fitness Yoga but then the more I researched and planned for each my classes, the more I fell in love with it all over again and wanted to take my personal practise and well as my teaching practise further. I am an International Yoga Alliance qualified teacher and I have studied the Ashtanga path. The physical – asana – practice is just one small part of yoga. Within the Ashtanga practise there are actually 8 limbs of yoga and for myself I endeavour to embrace their beauty and peace with every aspect of my life. My journey continues and I enjoy taking in the scenery as I go! I love teaching yoga and seeing the changes it brings about both physical and on a deeper, mental level. The peace, calm, self-worth, and general sense of wellbeing it can instil in others is always beautiful and astonishing to see.

Rachel Begley

Bex Harper Fabrics & Textiles Rachel Begley

Richard Kurti

After studying Philosophy & English at King's College, Cambridge, Richard worked at the BBC as a TV sound recordist. This led to a career as a freelance director, and then a move into full time screenwriting. In 2013 he branched out into new areas, with a debut novel, Monkey Wars, which was longlisted for the CILIP Carnegie Medal, shortlisted for the UKLA Book Awards, and won its category at the Coventry Inspiration Book Awards.

Richard Kurti, Sam Lierens and Jen Feroze


Sally Chinea

I have a 1st Class Honours Degree in Fine Art and I’m an art club leader, arts award advisor and part of the team organising the Rochford and Hadleigh art trail. I’m proud to be working on site-specific projects for the National Trust, who now hold my work in their permanent collection. I predominantly work creating 3D, textile pieces, but also manipulate and re-contextualize a wide variety of mundane, found and discarded materials to create a contrast between something which was worthless into something that is valued; value, created by the investment of manual labour, care, consideration and time.

Sam Lierens

Sam Lierens writes historical fiction under the pen-name Lizzie Page. Her books, set during WW1 and WW2, are published by Bookouture. She has an MA in creative and life writing from Goldsmiths, London and previously taught writing at both South East Essex College and Southend Adult Community College. She has a wealth of writing experience including magazine article, editing and providing web-content. She also wrote the very popular Leigh pantomimes: 'Snow White's got Talent' and 'Cinderelleigh'!At her workshops, you will get started or improve your writing in a fun, informal and encouraging environment.
Music & Writing Sam Lierans

Sarah Goodwin

In my day job I enjoy supporting business owners realise their ambitions but the creative side of me found candle making some years ago. Originally making for myself and for gifts the hobby has become much more, and it now has a life of its own. I only make with ingredients that are eco friendly which can be more challenging but produce great results without harming people or the environment. Learning from many mistakes as well as successes I would like to share my passion for candle making and fragrance.

Simon Fowler

My background is in graphic design and illustration. I find huge satisfaction from working in the creative industry which I have been for the last 25 years, working in fashion, retail and automotive Sectors. Over my career I have been trained to design using adobe products such as photoshop and have been using it since it’s launch many years ago.

Sophie Bath

In 2015 I set up Delirium Calligraphy and Design when on an extended break from my career as a chartered accountant. I wanted to pursue my passion and what makes me happy in life, because that’s what it’s all about! Having loved all things creative for as long as I can remember, I enrolled in a modern calligraphy course and from there, I have a developed my skills in lettering using a variety of materials and mediums. I honed my design skills further enabling me to develop the luxury products I now create, such as wedding invitations, event stationery, signage and  bespoke calligraphy. I find inspiration all around in colour, patterns, organic textures, typography, old lettering & nature

Susan Allen

I graduated from Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto, Canada in 1982 with a Fine Art Degree in drawing and painting. I exhibit at Two Tree Gallery and annually with the Leigh Art Trail. I teach art at Southend Adult Community College and privately for 10 years as well as guest lectured for Ontario College of Art. I paint in a realistic style with a modern edge. I am inspired by Leigh and the beautiful British coast, flowers, life and love. I am influenced primarily by the old masters (Artemisia Gentileschi, Rembrandt, Turner) but also have an interest in contemporary artists and I take inspiration from the challenges that different art styles offer. I work primarily in acrylic and watercolour.

Tom O’Callaghan

I have been a Goldsmith for 30 years. I left school and began my apprenticeship in the workshops at C J Vinten goldsmiths in leigh and trained at Sir John Cass faculty of arts. Over the years I have worked alongside some highly talented craftsman and I'm now lucky enough to be designing and hand crafting beautiful bespoke jewellery. I love my job and love the thought of passing my knowledge to others and giving them an insight into what I do.

Vanessa Bradford

I am passionate about vegan cooking and I have always used fresh and where possible local, seasonal and organic produce to cook with. Growing up on a Mediterranean diet, I learned to cook from both my mother and grandmother who could make a beautiful dinner for the family, often with the simplest of ingredients. They encouraged and welcomed help in the kitchen and I still use their recipes but by adding my own twists, have developed my own plant based versions. My partner Mark and I are now living a totally plant based diet. Two of my daughters are also vegan and this has made me explore different tastes and ways of creating delicious meat and dairy free menus as well as opening my eyes to a more ethical way of life. Sent from my iPhone
Food Vanessa Bradford

What People Say…

“Lovely place with friendly staff. I was amazed at how good my painting turned out!”

Bex Harper -

“Great idea. Wonderful workshops to do something different . Already booked up six workshops for next three months.😀”

Alison Pollard -

“Thoroughly enjoyed the 'Celebrating Chelsea' flower school special today, helping to create the floral installation outside the shop, together with other designs internally. Christine and her team were relaxed and helpful as were the other participants. Will be returning regularly to experience other creative courses. Thank you Create 98.”

Patsy Wiggins -

“Wanted to thank you, your team and Mark for an absolutely brilliant afternoon/evening. Everything was perfect, from the life drawing lesson to the fabulous vegan supper, eaten off of a stunningly beautifully decorated table. A lovely time had by all.”

Karen Baker - Private Party Host

“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the flower morning on Saturday. Thank you. You have created an amazing space for a real mix of activities.”

Zena Coleman -

“I just love everything about the place! From the friendliness that immediately puts you at ease, the excellent equipment/tools for the course, the generosity of the host when prosecco is included! I really enjoy anytime I spend there.”


“Great teacher! Thank you so much! Looking forward to seeing you again xxx”

AC Millbank -

“My son is loving the A to Z classes. As a parent it is wo derful seeing his new creations after each session. A fantastic opportunity for budding artists”

Kate Williams -

“Great idea. Wonderful workshops to do something different . Already booked up six workshops for next three months.?”

Alison Pollard - Workshop participant

“EVERYTHING is spot on. This is the most fantastic place and I cannot wait to book in for more events. You really have nailed it with the content, the staff, the venue, the refreshments. Thankyou!”

Maddie - Benfleet
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