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Pottery painting at Create98

Whether you’re looking to spend a relaxing afternoon with family or searching for a unique date idea, our ceramic painting is perfect for everyone – regardless of age, skill, or ability.

Choose your canvas

We have an extensive selection of ever-changing bisques. From charming animal characters and elegant vases to practical mugs and plates, not forgetting the delicate jewellery pieces—there’s something for everyone.

Fancy a guided design? We’ve got you covered with a variety of stencils, making it easy for you to create a masterpiece even if you’re not keen on going freestyle.

Prices begin at just £10.99, covering everything you need for your ceramic painting adventure, including the cost of firing. There’s no need to worry about hidden extras; we’ve got all the supplies and guidance you’ll need to bring your vision to life.

No Booking Required

Ready to get started? There’s no need to book! Simply drop by and get going!

Celebrate with Ceramic Painting Parties

Looking for a fun and creative way to celebrate a special occasion? Our ceramic painting parties are an excellent choice! Gather your friends or family for a memorable event filled with laughter, creativity, and beautiful ceramics.

Eat, drink & craft!

Enhance your painting experience with a selection of delicious food and drinks from our cafe. Indulge in our tasty treats as you paint, making your visit to Create98 a truly enjoyable and relaxing experience.

We can't wait to see the wonderful creations you'll bring to life at Create98. Your masterpiece awaits!