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Okto Sensory Art Sunflower

Here ate Create98 we stock the most amazing Sensory art kits for you to get creative with.

To make sure that everything works out, we have prepared tips and videos for you, which you will find by QR-code on the back of the box.

 Feel with your fingers the blank background of the canvas. Do you notice where the fragile edges of the flowers will be? Unpack the turquoise color. Leave the worries, take a lot of material, feel the airiness of the mass in the palm of your hand. Apply the background with smooth movements. Dip your fingertips into the mass and leave horizontal lines in your path.

Do you feel the brightness and endless play of light? We suggest you continue it with color. Open the yellow mass from the set of “elements” and create long petals. Experiment with shades, nature welcomes uniqueness. Fold your first sunflower, add the middle part and immerse it in cool vase water. Continue your meditative process and step by step fill the bouquet with flowers.