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Okto Sensory Art Irises

Where do you want to be today? Sit back and unpack the box in our lovely new cafe and get creating…

Apply your unique pattern on the background. Create deep embossed stripes with smooth movements, add waves with fingertips, apply a ball of mass and twist it with a stack. Unleash your imagination. Put a piece of your magic in the flowers. Create colored petals, wrap them in your love and the green stem of Iris. Every creation of nature is unique – allow yourself to experiment. A few petals fell off and remained lying near the vase. Beauty is not eternal, but you can immortalize it.

Create your own unique masterpiece, even if it seems impossible.  You can do more than you imagine!  Create, and let the whole world wait!  … JUST TOUCH

In the box you will find everything you need: sticks with air mass, selected colors, ready to use professionally stretched canvas, wooden stack.