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Okto Sensory Art Panda

Here ar Create98 we love the beautiful texture of Okto’s sensory air – dry clay art.

Energetic Panda and Eucalyptus is a great choice for the adventurous young traveler. Gentle fresh tones of the picture will refresh any children’s room. A set for creating a picture by numbers with air clay is a time for an easy start into the world of creativity. The simple color plot is easy for children’s fingers to work with. The set includes: a solid base in a 29*29cm frame, a bag with colored sticks of air clay, a tool for working with details and everything you need to create a creative atmosphere. Art clay will help keep children’s attention and interest in work. The printed outline of the drawing with color markings will help you create a wonderful product without much effort.

The process of spreading the paste on the base relieves mental stress, trains attention, stability, self-confidence, and also gives harmony and aesthetic and tactile pleasure. Each movement and rotation of the author’s finger creates a unique volume and texture that cannot be repeated. Clay does not leave traces on hands and hard surfaces.