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Succulents Sensory Art Wooden Craft Set

Here at Create 98 we just love the relaxing texture of these air-dry clays.

The pastel colors of this set suggest naive fantasies and dreams. Immerse yourself in the sculpting process, be inspired by the gentle serenity of pink, the mystery of purple, the turquoise color of sea waves, cool blue – the color of the sky, space, air and freedom, the balance and purity of white. All this immerses in thinking and promotes a creative atmosphere.

In this set, a pleasant and exciting process of modeling succulents awaits you, such diverse and colorful symbiosis of botany and geometry! As a result, a unique interior composition and new emotions! Just touch…

EASY TO MODEL: Step-by-step photo and video instructions simplify the process of creating these wonderful succulents. We recommend drying the finished composition for 48 hours, after which it can be covered with a protective varnish if desired. Lacquer coating will ensure long-lasting storage and easy maintenance – when cleaning, simply brush off the dust with a clean, dry brush.

ACTUAL DECOR: place ready-made succulents in the living room, on the kitchen table, on a shelf or even on the wall (the stand has a raised bottom, so you can hang the finished composition on either side of the frame). Size of the stand frame: 210*210*44 mm

KEEP OR GIVE AS A PRESENT: A set of molded succulents makes a great interior decoration and gift for creative teens and adults alike. You can give both the set itself and a ready-made composite composition as a gift.

EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN THE KIT: This kit contains all the materials you need to model realistic airclay succulents. No need to buy special tools or additional materials!