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Okto Sensory Art – Starry Night

Come and relax your mind at Create98 with this beautiful sensory clay art.

Okto have created a unique recipe for the mass, which does not stick and does not leave marks on the hands, is easy and soft to apply, and the colors, mixing, form harmonious transitions.  Squeeze the mass with your fingers, watch the colors mix.  Listen to the change of sensations from the softness and warmth of the mass to the roughness of the canvas.

To make sure that everything works out, we have prepared tips and videos for you, which you will find by QR-code on the back of the box.

Open the canvas, apply a celestial vortex with your fingertips. Think about the history of these curls laid by the great Artist, mix and fill the unspoken with color. Are you already putting cypress stalks over the sleepy village? Do you feel the airy texture of the three-dimensional stems? Stretch the green and brown mass into branches that are ready to fly off the ground and plunge into the sky. The airspace is full of huge, bright stars. Stay in this moment. Create. Live every moment here and now.

 The finished picture will dry the next morning and will be an original addition to the interior of your home.  View the entire collection of paintings from OKTO and choose your next favorite