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Meet the Tutor: Caroline Elman

Meet Caroline, one of our fantastic children’s party entertainers, who brings a sprinkle of magic and a whole lot of fun to every celebration!

Tell us about yourself

I am a seasoned performer professionally trained in both acting and dance.
I have always had a love of working with people both young and old and I have been leading parties for over 20 years. When I’m not running parties, I run my own gym where I coach people in fitness and teach dance classes in many different styles

What makes your parties unique and memorable for both children and parents?

I’m a passionate performer and bring a burst of energy and creativity to every party. I have a vast repertoire of parties from dance to baking, crafts to magic, there is something of interest for everyone.
Keeping your kids entertained can be a daunting task but somehow I’ve mastered the art of crafting memorable and exciting party experiences. I knows how to keep young minds engaged and entertained throughout the celebration so you can sit back and relax, knowing that your kids are in good hands!

What is your favorite type of children’s party?

I love any party where I can get the kids to be hands on, creating something for themselves and letting their true personalities shine!

What is your secret to ensuring that every child at the party feels included and engaged?

I make a point to get to know each child in my group personally and craft the experience toward their individual needs. I don’t work from a script and so I’m always ready to adapt the party and my approach so that every child feels a part of the fun.

We hear you have some unusual talents – tell us about them

I can touch my nose with my tongue, I can also breath fire and walk on stilts (I always wanted to be a dragon 😜)

What are some tips you can give to parents organising their child’s party?

Don’t worry so much, that’s my job! Bring your kids to Create 98 and let us do all the work