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Mindful Yoga and Meditation

Mindful Yoga and Meditation classes have started at Create98, and just from the first lesson it was quite astonishing to see the difference in people from when they arrived, to when they left. Research suggests that activity improves our state of mind, and yoga ticks this box for many. The benefits of meditation are also highly regarded and we look forward to exploring this further. Morissa came back to us on some questions below…

Studies show that creativity & movement help us deal with stress and is good for our overall health, would you agree and in what ways have you seen the benefits? Definitely!  Just taking time out from your usual routine and taking a moment to draw all your energy and attention to even the most simplest of moves can be extremely focussing.  With yoga where you work on breath control alone or breath combined with movement, the natural slowing down and lengthening of the breath has an immediate calming effect. It kick starts our parasympathetic nervous system initiating our rest and relax mode, slowing down the ageing process into the bargain.  So many people young and old have told me the ways in which it helps them, for which I am always grateful.  That is why I particularly love yoga, in all its incarnations.  Its ability to make us slow down, stop, and take a moment to notice how we feel, a moment to be kind to ourselves is priceless. For myself, when I miss out on one of my self practices I notice it, everything is off and out of balance.  

Can you tell us a bit about your personal story and how you got into yoga/meditation?  I have practiced yoga for many years and tried quite a few different practices and found different styles that suited me at different times.  I remember my first class was when I was 19 at my local college in my lunch break.  An ethereal  woman dressed in the habitual black leotard and footless tights of the time floated in, taught us some very gentle stretches and led us through a simple relaxation to finish! I could not believe how comfortable and relaxing it felt.  I then moved on to much preciser forms as well as very physical practises throughout the years. I drifted in out out of classes but really came back to it in moments of need for example when stressed at work.  Finally I realised that instead of simply being a solution to any difficulties or issues I had, instead of being a glorious escape it could be everything. I love teaching yoga on all levels, since I love to see the how transformations affect everyone differently, but I also love to be a student myself, forever asking questions, forever learning and continuing on my journey.  Learning new techniques, expanding on my philosophy and remembering at each step not to worry about my destination but to take in the beautiful scenery along the way.

Can you reveal any advice on how to live a healthier, balanced lifestyle?  Eat well, exercise, sleep well, enjoy those around you, but most importantly take time out for yourself, be kind to yourself and remember to stop look around, appreciate that moment and be grateful for it and all you have achieved big or small.

What People Say…

“If you haven't been to a Leigh-on-Sea Supper Club event at Create98 - go! The food was delicious, and even though they've had to make some adjustments due to Covid-19, the atmosphere was lovely and what better way to sample a different culture on your doorstep.”

Natasha Kwakwa -

“It was really great to be back at Create98 with Christine and Debbie. Had a lovely 2 days and I've got another mosaic course booked for August - can't wait!”

Joan Simmons -

“Susan is a talented Artist and Teacher. I wish I'd had her teaching me years ago!”

Lou -

“It's great that the Tutors are all published writers who really know the industry, but are also very encouraging and enthusiastic.”

Lynden Wade -

“I’ve been attending Create98’s Virtual Write Club since lockdown began, which has been an absolute tonic every Wednesday evening.”

Ray Morgan -

“Enjoyed our class last night! And the Covid stuff was dealt with and handled really well.      ”

Lucy Saunders -

“Great idea. Wonderful workshops to do something different . Already booked up six workshops for next three months.😀”

Alison Pollard -

“Thoroughly enjoyed the 'Celebrating Chelsea' flower school special today, helping to create the floral installation outside the shop, together with other designs internally. Christine and her team were relaxed and helpful as were the other participants. Will be returning regularly to experience other creative courses. Thank you Create 98.”

Patsy Wiggins -

“I just love everything about the place! From the friendliness that immediately puts you at ease, the excellent equipment/tools for the course, the generosity of the host when prosecco is included! I really enjoy anytime I spend there.”


“Great idea. Wonderful workshops to do something different . Already booked up six workshops for next three months.?”

Alison Pollard - Workshop participant