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Leigh-on-Sea Supper Club is back at Create98!

A friendly, relaxed evening centred around excellent food and conversation – what more could you want, especially given the last few months that all of us have endured. This is why we are so pleased to welcome back Chef Susan Davies and the much loved Leigh-on-Sea Supper Club, here at Create98.

We caught up with Susan recently as part of our #culinarytourism campaign, giving us a chance to learn more about what inspired her love of cooking and what diners can expect from the supper club experience.

Susan, it’s wonderful to be planning to host you once again at Create98. For those who might not know you just yet, can you tell us a little more about you?   

Absolutely! I’m Susan Davies and I host ‘Leigh-on-Sea Supper Club’. I started cooking professionally five years ago, inspired by my career as a Gardener. I know that may sound strange, but having been a Gardener for fifteen years and having a young family, I really started to take more care with what we were eating; where did our food come from, how was it produced, and I especially took an interest in organic food – which is at the very heart of Leigh-on-Sea Supper Club.

Whilst at college in Westminster, I also worked with the amazing local Chef John Lawson, at ‘Food by John Lawson’.  I was inspired by John’s ethos that food we eat should benefit our health. After working in a restaurant environment, I decided to set up Leigh-on-Sea Supper Club to create an intimate, relaxed experience for people who love food!

So tell us more about Leigh-on-Sea Supper Club?

Our supper clubs are a way for people to come together over their shared love of food. Every event is something different, as we cook with seasonal produce and really focus on what is fresh and available locally at that time. The menu is usually simple yet really interesting, allowing us to showcase all of the natural ingredients and create a plate that wows people.

Our events are usually smaller and more intimate so that people can have a relaxed conversation over their meal and interact with me whilst I cook, so that they can ask questions about the menu or just talk about food in general.

That sounds wonderful! You have a few different events coming up over the next few months? What can people expect when they attend?

I often start with a welcome cocktail for everyone (a non-alcoholic version is always available) and then I get to work putting together a lovely four course meal, talking to everyone about the food and the recipe as I go. Whilst I’m cooking everyone gets to spend time just relaxing and chatting – the whole point is that people get to enjoy an experience, which is about so much more than just the food. Also, we can cater for most dietary requirements, so people just need to let us know with plenty of time – nothing stops anyone from enjoying one of our events.

We can’t wait! Anything else you would like to mention before we finish?

I’ve spent the last five months over in Spain, which although not in the best of circumstances, has been a wonderful experience that has really made me thankful for time, and just having the opportunity to relax! We had a small, shall we say, less than ideal kitchen, but I still managed to cook some wonderful meals using local, seasonal produce, plenty of inspiration for dishes to recreate now that I am home.

But I really can’t wait to host supper clubs again. I know people might be nervous of venturing out, but we’re taking all the precautions we can to keep people safe. We want everyone to be able to come along and not have to worry about anything, we’ll take care of everything, they just need to be ready to relax and have a wonderful time.

The next instalment of Leigh-on-Sea Supper Club with Susan is a Mama Mia! Greek Inspired Feast on the 5thAugust at 7:30pm. Visit our website to book your place now.






What People Say…

“It was really great to be back at Create98 with Christine and Debbie. Had a lovely 2 days and I've got another mosaic course booked for August - can't wait!”

Joan Simmons -

“Susan is a talented Artist and Teacher. I wish I'd had her teaching me years ago!”

Lou -

“It's great that the Tutors are all published writers who really know the industry, but are also very encouraging and enthusiastic.”

Lynden Wade -

“I’ve been attending Create98’s Virtual Write Club since lockdown began, which has been an absolute tonic every Wednesday evening.”

Ray Morgan -

“Enjoyed our class last night! And the Covid stuff was dealt with and handled really well.      ”

Lucy Saunders -

“Great idea. Wonderful workshops to do something different . Already booked up six workshops for next three months.😀”

Alison Pollard -

“Thoroughly enjoyed the 'Celebrating Chelsea' flower school special today, helping to create the floral installation outside the shop, together with other designs internally. Christine and her team were relaxed and helpful as were the other participants. Will be returning regularly to experience other creative courses. Thank you Create 98.”

Patsy Wiggins -

“I just love everything about the place! From the friendliness that immediately puts you at ease, the excellent equipment/tools for the course, the generosity of the host when prosecco is included! I really enjoy anytime I spend there.”


“Great idea. Wonderful workshops to do something different . Already booked up six workshops for next three months.?”

Alison Pollard - Workshop participant

“EVERYTHING is spot on. This is the most fantastic place and I cannot wait to book in for more events. You really have nailed it with the content, the staff, the venue, the refreshments. Thankyou!”

Maddie - Benfleet