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Club Create Membership Launched!

This week we celebrated going live on our website with the Club Create Membership package!

We have been working on this for a while and wanted to give something special to our students. Club Create allows a personal access to the website where you can book your classes with a 5% discount, access the new class schedules early, be the first to see hot news and view your upcoming bookings all in one place. If this wasn’t enough, there is also a welcome gift and entry to 3 member only events each year. Signing up to the scheme is simple online and requires a £25 start up fee. Membership lasts for a year and there will always be the option to renew.

We have such loyal students, many of whom provided feedback to make Club Create possible, so we must thank you for that. We are also excited to meet new students and see Club Create grow!

The loyalty scheme we launched in October 2019 has also proven highly successful and it is a great way to reward our committed artists/crafters. If you haven’t got one, make sure you pick up a loyalty card on your next visit. Collect a stamp on each class attendance at Create98 and we will gift you with a £25 voucher to spend at the studio.

Wake up your wardrobe!

On January 25th (2-5pm) we will be running our first Customisation Workshop with Charlotte Hamilton @sugarstormstudio. Charlotte is a Central Saint Martins graduate, she has a passion for upcycling old clothing and giving garments new life! She will show us the way in this fun, confidence boosting class. The other benefits to this class are of course promoting less waste and changing our shopping habits. Lets learn a bit more about Charlotte….

When did you get started with upcycling and what is your inspiration behind it?

When I was a teenager I would look at all the alternative fashion in Camden Market and wish I could afford it all. I wanted to be wearing clothes that were different to what everyone else was wearing, and that had more of my own personality in them. The first upcycling project I remember making was for my 14th birthday, I took an old black tank top and added strips of pink tartan fabric, studs and safety pins across the front. I remember absolutely loving it and feeling so proud that I was wearing something I had made. For me it’s always been about creating something different, putting your own mark onto your wardrobe and having a bit of fun with fashion.

What has been your most successful upcycle/garment you can not live without?

My favourite piece at the moment is a super simple t-shirt customisation. I love T-shirt’s but I wanted something that was a bit more unique and had a different shape. I cut the shoulders off to make a slouchy cold-shoulder tee and added some slits down the side and on the sleeves. I love wearing it because I created it for my own shape, it has the comfort of throwing a T-shirt on but can easily be dressed up for the evening.

This is the only picture i have of it!

Tell us about the benefits of upcycling and what we can gain from the class?

I think we could benefit in all areas by being less wasteful, making the most out of the things we have and pausing to think if we really need to buy something new. There’s been a lot of press about the negative impacts of the fashion industry recently, and more people are looking for a way to reduce their own environmental impact and buying less new clothes is an excellent start. In the workshops you will learn tips and techniques for transforming an old piece of clothing into something you can continue to love and wear. You will leave with a new addition to your wardrobe and the skills and ideas to continue to revamp and customise your wardrobe and second hand clothes in the future. 

The way we dress can say so much about our personality and it’s a really beautiful thing to be able to put your own stamp on your fashion, to create a piece of clothing that you really love, that feels like you. 

At home with @VbytheSea, the lady behind our delicious vegan cakes!

Prepping the sponges for the lemon and blueberry cake

Recently it was National Cake Day and we are celebrating the talented baker behind our delicious vegan cakes, Vanessa Bradford (@vbythesea). Tea breaks at Create98 draw a lot of excitement, you never know what piece of lovely cake will be accompanying your tea or coffee…Coconut & Raspberry Jam Squares, Coffee & Walnut, Pistachio & Lemon, Apricot & Camomile loaf, Rocky Road and more. We popped by Vanessa’s house for a chat, and to see her in action. Here is what she had to say –

I have always enjoyed cooking and baking and can remember hanging around the kitchen as a small child watching my mum and constantly asking to stir cakes and add ingredients to her cooking.  I started being more creative with my baking when I turned to a plant based diet along with my family.  Having to replace dairy and eggs in cakes initially seemed like a daunting task, but there are alternatives to animal products for every aspect in baking now; from putting air into a sponge to binding a fruit cake.

I have been vegan for about 2 years.  My daughters had been vegan for a few years before because of their views on animal cruelty and so gradually our family meals were centred around a delicious array of vegetables, pulses, spices and sauces rather than a piece of meat or fish.  I can honestly say I don’t even miss or  think about meat or dairy as part of my diet anymore, I feel more healthy and enjoy food even more.

Every week I bake for Create 98 which can range from between 10-15 cakes as well as their client lunches at the weekends. 

I also bake for a local coffee shop which includes baking over 50 Bakewell’s, 36 rocky road slices, 30 cookies, 36 Muffins plus extras when needed.   A lot of cakes infact!

Quite often, I have private catering to do as well which this week is for a 90th birthday party! Just proves you are never too old to try something new.

An average day for me starts at 6.30am.  I like to get up early to finish deliveries for that day before I walk our very old reluctant dog Charlie and then I feel less guilty playing tennis for a couple of hours.  Back to the kitchen to start baking for the following day and prepping anything I can freeze.  I always keep an eye on the tide times so I can go for a swim.  Cold water swimming keeps the mind calm and the body rejuvenated and I LOVE it!  So privileged we live very close to sea front.  I would say I spend, on average 5-6 hours a day baking and preparing food for my clients and often includes evenings and early Saturday mornings too – unless of course I am out for an early row.

It’s difficult to say who i am inspired by, as I tend to take ideas from books, the internet, old recipes and adapt them.  However, I do like Anna Jones who writes for the Guardian at the weekend in Feast magazine.  Although she is vegetarian, she has vegan children and she often writes vegan recipes or if not, always gives the plant based way of adapting her cakes and dishes.  Her baking and cooking recipes are colourful and easy to follow; two very important factors when choosing what to cook. Regardless of whether it’s plant based or not, If it doesn’t look and taste good, no one is going to enjoy it. 

Christmas Pop Up at Create98 Dec 1st

Over a dozen artists and crafters (most of whom are Create98 tutors) have been hard at work over the last few weeks, to produce a whole host of beautiful, handmade crafts for our pop up Christmas shop on Sunday Dec 1st. We can’t wait to see the stalls all set up! Come along for your chance to shop for unique, artisan Christmas gifts all under one roof at Create98. 

There will be a huge range on display, from paintings to macrame jewellery and clay pots! Not forgetting textiles, print work, photography and natural skincare products.

We will be providing mulled wine and festive nibbles to keep you going whilst you peruse the stalls and get into the Christmas spirit! We are open from 11am – 3.30pm, we hope you can make it!

Stall holders – 

Jane Seabrook

Gina Griffin

Mac and Mini

Salix Moon Apothecary

Lola Swain

Bronwyn Oldham

Susan Allen Smith

Emma Young (on behalf of Gaynor Edwards)

Sophia Faraway

Laura Young

Jane Cheshire

Liz Bleach/ Leigh General Store

Natasha Manley

Farida Kamruddin

Sarah Goodwin

Lauren Stranks

Mindful Yoga and Meditation

Mindful Yoga and Meditation classes have started at Create98, and just from the first lesson it was quite astonishing to see the difference in people from when they arrived, to when they left. Research suggests that activity improves our state of mind, and yoga ticks this box for many. The benefits of meditation are also highly regarded and we look forward to exploring this further. Morissa came back to us on some questions below…

Studies show that creativity & movement help us deal with stress and is good for our overall health, would you agree and in what ways have you seen the benefits? Definitely!  Just taking time out from your usual routine and taking a moment to draw all your energy and attention to even the most simplest of moves can be extremely focussing.  With yoga where you work on breath control alone or breath combined with movement, the natural slowing down and lengthening of the breath has an immediate calming effect. It kick starts our parasympathetic nervous system initiating our rest and relax mode, slowing down the ageing process into the bargain.  So many people young and old have told me the ways in which it helps them, for which I am always grateful.  That is why I particularly love yoga, in all its incarnations.  Its ability to make us slow down, stop, and take a moment to notice how we feel, a moment to be kind to ourselves is priceless. For myself, when I miss out on one of my self practices I notice it, everything is off and out of balance.  

Can you tell us a bit about your personal story and how you got into yoga/meditation?  I have practiced yoga for many years and tried quite a few different practices and found different styles that suited me at different times.  I remember my first class was when I was 19 at my local college in my lunch break.  An ethereal  woman dressed in the habitual black leotard and footless tights of the time floated in, taught us some very gentle stretches and led us through a simple relaxation to finish! I could not believe how comfortable and relaxing it felt.  I then moved on to much preciser forms as well as very physical practises throughout the years. I drifted in out out of classes but really came back to it in moments of need for example when stressed at work.  Finally I realised that instead of simply being a solution to any difficulties or issues I had, instead of being a glorious escape it could be everything. I love teaching yoga on all levels, since I love to see the how transformations affect everyone differently, but I also love to be a student myself, forever asking questions, forever learning and continuing on my journey.  Learning new techniques, expanding on my philosophy and remembering at each step not to worry about my destination but to take in the beautiful scenery along the way.

Can you reveal any advice on how to live a healthier, balanced lifestyle?  Eat well, exercise, sleep well, enjoy those around you, but most importantly take time out for yourself, be kind to yourself and remember to stop look around, appreciate that moment and be grateful for it and all you have achieved big or small.

Self discovery through art therapy

Our new workshop ‘Wellbeing Art Therapy’ is starting next week and we are very excited to learn more. Tutor Caroline Burkett will take us on a journey of rediscovery, asking people to create an altered box to represent themselves and explore that feeling of being ‘full up’ or overwhelmed. Caroline got back to us on some questions and shared more detail below!

What is Art Therapy?

I am often asked the question ‘what is art therapy’ and it’s a complex one to answer but here’s a very short summary of a couple of important points.

Art therapy offers you the ability to express your thoughts, feelings and emotions that sometimes cannot be expressed easily with words. 

It can help regulate your emotional and physical wellbeing, and help you deal with physical sensations that may arise when you feel stressed, anxious or have a low mood.

It can also help you to begin to get to know yourself better and help you to become aware of which things in your life are not currently bringing you the happiness or contentment you desire. 

It is not however about how good you are at drawing, but more about the process.

What will happen in a Wellbeing Session?

We will use the arts to support you in exploring thoughts, feelings and emotions or to do some self reflection. The sessions are structured with activities which will support you in this process. You will not be asked awkward questions and you only have to share what feels safe for you, you may not want to share anything, that is your choice. As a fully qualified, experienced art therapist I am there to support you and guide you carefully in  your processes. 

What others have said about my workshops

‘I have discovered how powerful Art Therapy can be in helping to express feelings, thoughts etc.’ D.Allsopp

‘I really loved the workshop, it’s been very freeing and cathartic and I met some lovely people.’ K. Bennett

‘This was such an amazing workshop, how to interact with art, feelings and emotions.’ C.Connor

‘I have learnt techniques that will help me to connect more deeply and help me to become unstuck.’ J.Manton

Wellbeing Art Therapy at Create98 Weds 9th Oct 9.30am – 12pm & Weds 6th Nov 9.30am – 12pm

Meet the man behind the guitar…

From September 28th Enzo Harrison will launch a 5 week guitar crash course at Create98. We asked Enzo to get back to us on some questions, so we could learn more about our new tutor and the course itself, take a look!

How did you get into the guitar and how long have you played for?

Enzo: “I got into guitar in the most 21st Century way imaginable – through playing the video game Guitar Hero III. Needless to say I ended up opting for the real thing instead. I started playing guitar on my 8th birthday but `I really started committing myself to the instrument at 11. I wasn’t very good at being bad at something until I realised you’ve got to walk before you can run. Once that mental hurdle was out the way I started playing for hours a day.”

Who are your music idols/main inspiration?

Enzo: “Most people find this kind of question hard. But this is the sort of thing I think about in the shower so I’ve got a very well thought through answer for you. I have three guitar players that have influenced me the most : Jack White, St. Vincent and John Mayer.

What can budding guitarists expect from your course?

Enzo: “Everyday I talk to mums and dads who bring their children to my lessons saying how they regret not learning guitar themselves when they were younger. Now it’s 2019 – we have some free time, even if it’s a squeeze, if you love music it’s worth it. This course allows you to make the most of that free time, learning the bare minimum to get you on your guitar journey right away. You can expect informally taught guitar lessons with clear learning aims that maximises the time you spend playing the instrument.”

Check out Enzo’s published book of poetry online on Amazon ‘Look, Now I’m All Upset’. This is a collection of “subversive and darkly funny” poetry written in his teens.