98 Ways to Change

After asking you all to share how you will be more creative in 2019, your comments started flooding into our facebook and instagram pages. When there’s a £98 voucher up for grabs, why wouldn’t you?! We saw such a variety of creative goals; from simply making the time to be creative, to wanting to start exploring specific arts and crafts, to committing to spend some time with us at Create98. What creative bunch you are!

We loved hearing about your creative plans, so we thought it’s only fair that we share the creative goals of the Create98 team. So, here goes…

Christine: To cook more creatively and be more adventurous with my cooking, using healthy recipes!
Hannah: I am a printmaker and painter, so I plan to continue to develop my practice by accessing a new studio space, or creating my own, so I can exhibit my work and continue to grow as an emerging artist.
Liz: I really want to try my hand at pottery. It’s something I’ve never had a go at and have always been slightly put off by getting mucky hands! But this year, I will beat my fear of dirty fingernails.
Daisy: I want to try some of the creative activities we do at Create98 at home with my little one.
Lorraine: I’ll be joining Liz in a pottery class, definitely! I just need to make sure I book it in my busy schedule!

Finally, a big congratulations to Amanda Sones for winning a £98 course voucher – we look forward to seeing you soon.

What People Say…

“Lovely place with friendly staff. I was amazed at how good my painting turned out!”

Bex Harper -

“Great idea. Wonderful workshops to do something different . Already booked up six workshops for next three months.😀”

Alison Pollard -

“Thoroughly enjoyed the 'Celebrating Chelsea' flower school special today, helping to create the floral installation outside the shop, together with other designs internally. Christine and her team were relaxed and helpful as were the other participants. Will be returning regularly to experience other creative courses. Thank you Create 98.”

Patsy Wiggins -

“Wanted to thank you, your team and Mark for an absolutely brilliant afternoon/evening. Everything was perfect, from the life drawing lesson to the fabulous vegan supper, eaten off of a stunningly beautifully decorated table. A lovely time had by all.”

Karen Baker - Private Party Host

“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the flower morning on Saturday. Thank you. You have created an amazing space for a real mix of activities.”

Zena Coleman -

“I just love everything about the place! From the friendliness that immediately puts you at ease, the excellent equipment/tools for the course, the generosity of the host when prosecco is included! I really enjoy anytime I spend there.”


“Great teacher! Thank you so much! Looking forward to seeing you again xxx”

AC Millbank -

“My son is loving the A to Z classes. As a parent it is wo derful seeing his new creations after each session. A fantastic opportunity for budding artists”

Kate Williams -

“Great idea. Wonderful workshops to do something different . Already booked up six workshops for next three months.?”

Alison Pollard - Workshop participant

“EVERYTHING is spot on. This is the most fantastic place and I cannot wait to book in for more events. You really have nailed it with the content, the staff, the venue, the refreshments. Thankyou!”

Maddie - Benfleet
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