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The Makers Exhibition at Create98: October 2020

As a home for creatives in Leigh-on-Sea, we are always looking for ways to showcase the talent of our students. With our new initiative ‘The Makers Exhibition at Create98’, we will be showcasing works of art by our students and tutors at various times throughout the year.

Opening on the 4th October will be an exhibition by art student Lyn Cast. Lyn will be exhibiting her work created over the past year, including a portfolio of works that she created during lockdown.

Lyn has always had a keen interest in art, but being a super competitive lady, found that she was often drawn towards sport. First learning hockey at senior school, being a sprinter, then squash, badminton, golf and finally snooker, where she reached number 37 in the world, – only a smattering of painting every took place. Lyn eventually found herself working as the Office Manager at Southend High School for Boys where she worked for 19 years nurturing her love of art and sport.

It was during June 2019, when a friend was attending classes at Create98, that Lyn decided to join her and has never looked back. Her first attempt at a painting called ‘The Old Man’, for which she used white crayon on black paper, seemed too good to be true.  However, Lyn was nervous to try anything more in case she’d already made her best work, but she just continued to get better!

In her own words, Lyn says that she ‘Just loves God’s gifts and my eyes have been opened by nature itself’ and so she often creates pieces from photographs, TV and trips, whenever a scene or idea could be captured.

After putting her paintings on Facebook for her friends, the interest was so great that together with our team, Lyn will be hosting her first exhibition from the 4th – 22nd October, 50% of the proceeds from any sales will be donated to the local Air Ambulance.

To view Lyn’s exhibition bookings will be essential, if you would like to pop in please email to enquire.

What People Say…

Thanks to the Virtual Write Club and Create98 I’ve got plenty of momentum now!!

Adrian Lacey -

“If you haven't been to a Leigh-on-Sea Supper Club event at Create98 - go! The food was delicious, and even though they've had to make some adjustments due to Covid-19, the atmosphere was lovely and what better way to sample a different culture on your doorstep.”

Natasha Kwakwa -

“It was really great to be back at Create98 with Christine and Debbie. Had a lovely 2 days and I've got another mosaic course booked for August - can't wait!”

Joan Simmons -

“Susan is a talented Artist and Teacher. I wish I'd had her teaching me years ago!”

Lou -

“It's great that the Tutors are all published writers who really know the industry, but are also very encouraging and enthusiastic.”

Lynden Wade -

“I’ve been attending Create98’s Virtual Write Club since lockdown began, which has been an absolute tonic every Wednesday evening.”

Ray Morgan -

“Enjoyed our class last night! And the Covid stuff was dealt with and handled really well.      ”

Lucy Saunders -

“Great idea. Wonderful workshops to do something different . Already booked up six workshops for next three months.😀”

Alison Pollard -

“Thoroughly enjoyed the 'Celebrating Chelsea' flower school special today, helping to create the floral installation outside the shop, together with other designs internally. Christine and her team were relaxed and helpful as were the other participants. Will be returning regularly to experience other creative courses. Thank you Create 98.”

Patsy Wiggins -

“I just love everything about the place! From the friendliness that immediately puts you at ease, the excellent equipment/tools for the course, the generosity of the host when prosecco is included! I really enjoy anytime I spend there.”