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Piano Hinge Binding Book Kit

By Lola Swain

Course Description

Create this unusual and attractive book that incorporates a piano hinge using wooden skewers. Using sticks instead of sewing is a simple and effective means of connecting the pages. The text paper is highlighted and the sticks become the focal point on the spine. Beginners are welcome as each step is explained and demonstrated throughout the tutorial.

Once you have booked the kit will be delivered to your door and you will be emailed the video tutorial so you create at home!

Delivery by hand to SS0, SS1, SS2, SS5, SS6, SS7, SS9 and by post to any UK post code

This kit contains:

Lolly stick (bone folder), paper, templates, mounting board, embroidery thread and large eye needle e.g. embroidery needle, beads, a glue stick and wooden skewers.

You will need to provide the following everyday materials yourself:

A ruler, pencil, scissors, scrap paper (for gluing on) and a damp cloth (for cleaning sticky fingers).

£25 per kit, pre order now, delivery from 29 JUNE

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Piano Hinge Binding Book Kit

Lola Swain


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