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april, 2024

Crafting with Clay: Flower Garden Ornament, Cane Stopper and Bird Feeder

21apr10:00 am1:00 pm10:00 am - 1:00 pm Crafting with Clay: Flower Garden Ornament, Cane Stopper and Bird FeederThis wonderful addition to your garden can be used in three ways: a cane stopper, a bird feeder or simply a garden ornament.Course CategoryClay,Photography, Pottery & Printing TutorLola Swain


(Sunday) 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Event Details

Participants will use the slab method to hand build this garden delight. This wonderful addition to your garden can be used in three ways: a cane stopper, a bird feeder or simply a garden ornament. Or, in fact, it is scheduled timely to present it as a gift for Mother’s Day. Choose between 3 beautiful designs: a daffodil, a poppy or a sunflower.

What to Expect:

Our workshop offers a unique opportunity to get your hands dirty and delve into the world of pottery. No prior experience is necessary; Lola will be there to support and inspire you throughout the creative process. We provide all the necessary materials, including high-quality clay, tools, and aprons, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone.

A Dash of Indulgence: What’s a creative endeavour without a little indulgence? We believe in nourishing not just your artistic side but your taste buds as well! As part of the workshop, you’ll be treated to a delectable slice of cake and a choice of a hot drink, helping you to relax and immerse yourself fully in the creative process.

Finishing Touches: Once your masterpiece is complete, Lola will take over. She will carefully fire and glaze your vessel, bringing out its true beauty and ensuring its longevity. After a few weeks, you can return to collect your finished piece, ready to take home and proudly display as a testament to your newfound pottery prowess.

Benefits of the Workshop: Apart from the joy of creating something beautiful with your hands, our workshop offers numerous benefits:

  1. Stress Relief: Pottery is known for its therapeutic qualities, allowing you to unwind and focus on the creative process, leaving the worries of the day behind.
  2. Creative Expression: Embrace your inner artist and explore your unique style through clay sculpting and design.
  3. Social Experience: Meet like-minded individuals, share ideas, and make new friends in a warm and welcoming environment.
  4. Memorable Souvenir: Your decorative vessel will be a cherished memento, a tangible reminder of the wonderful time spent during the workshop.



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Lola Swain

I am a qualified teacher (BED Hons) and have been working in education for over twenty-five years. During this time, I have taught both children and adults in schools, colleges and workshops at various levels and abilities including those with special needs. I am an exhibiting potter and book artist. The natural world is a major source of inspiration. Nevertheless, I find other things influencing my work such as the incorporation of architectural or cultural inspired detail informed by my travels. My pots are hand-built using traditional coil methods with a surface decoration of coloured and burnished slips. Much of my book artwork combines a variety of techniques including lino, collagraph, marbling, waxed etching, letterpress and paper cuts. I exhibit in various regional exhibitions and art fairs and belong to a number of artists’ groups

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